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Awesome pool Deck at Ocean Reef Resort, shipwrecked on a deserted island


The centerpiece of the Ocean Reef Resort's pool deck feels a lot like being shipwrecked on a deserted island, but one where you don't want to be rescued.
The new outdoor playground in front of the towering Myrtle Beach hotel features tiki statues, totem poles and a half-sank ship amid a series of spraying and splashing fixtures.
The ankle-deep water makes it the perfect place for kids get wet and play pirate without worrying about their safety and for adults to relax in the sun and water.
Palm trees squirt streams of cool water and overhead buckets douse unsuspecting waders, providing a refreshing break from the heat and for some laughter. 
But this playground is just the intro a wonderful world of water beneath and in back of the hotel. The back pool deck features one giant pool that is heated for swimming almost year-round with Papagoyo's Pool Bar and the ground floor can be enclosed for comfortable swimming during even the coldest winter months.

The indoor section is left open-air during the milder months for easy access in and out of the shade but becomes a haven from the cold during winter months.
A winding lazy river encircles another children's water playground area and rafts and floatable cars allow swimmers to float around the river at a leisurely pace or race around the flowing course. An overhead walkway features waterfalls that provide a refreshing splash of water without having to climb out of your raft.
The walkway leads to a larger pool with one of the coolest features among indoor water parks. Many hotels have small, child-sized basketball goals for shooting hoops, but Ocean Reef is one of the few that has an adjustable, regulation basket and rim that makes for fun pick-up games regardless of age and size.
But for those who prefer to kick back and relax at the water park, Ocean Reef really has you covered. There are three hot tubs within the enclosed portion of the pool area, two in a back corner to provide some peace and quiet from the sounds of children and grownups who still like to play like they're in kindergarten.
One of the more subtle features of the indoor area that really adds to the atmosphere are the walls painted with seascapes, flowers, beach toys and critters.
It's just another small touch that makes for a wonderful experience at the Ocean Reef's water amenities. Whether inside or outside, you won't want to leave.

 - By Terry Massey

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