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We invite you to come take an interactive tour of our property and Myrtle Beach, SC. Learn all about our amenities and accommodations, enjoy highlighting clips of favorite area courses, and check out what is fun to do in town. With these short video clips, you'll have a first hand look at all you can enjoy during your next stay at Ocean Reef Resort. 

Legends Theatre - Elvis

Learn how Katie Steele brings Lady Gaga alive each night at the Legends Theatre in Myrtle Beach. Katie Steele has an amazing voice, beautiful stage presence and really makes you feel as if she is the real Lady Gaga. Enjoy meeting Katie and what it takes to be Lady Gaga performing nightly at the Legends Theatre in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.

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Katie Steele

Welcome to the fun factory where all of my little monsters are created.

I actually started with On Stage Production Agency with is the actual company that produces Legends in Concert 10 years ago.  I started out as a singer/dancer and when I started doing Lady Gaga I stopped doing the singer/dancer gig. with Legends.  Probably within 6-7 months I auditioned and go going.  Watching a lot of YouTube, Gaga footage and music videos and interviews and all of that jazz to prepare myself for her.  I wasn't very familiar with her actually, I wasn't a "monster"  at the time when I got the gig.  So I had to familiarize myself with her as well.

In my studying I started to realize how much of an artist she really was and a lot of the media eye don't see that in her.  They just see all of the shock value stuff.  In my opinion she is the modern day Madona.  In the two years now that I have been doing it I am having a blast and I have grown to admire her a great deal more then when I first started.  

Just because now being so familiar with her work.  She is a phenomenal songwriter and dancer and she is a showman in which I love with dancing and singing and with playing the piano and engaging with the audience.  So it is everything all in one for me doing Lady Gaga and it is phenomenal.

This is Katie Steele as Lady Gaga at Legends in Concert in Myrtle Beach, I will be looking for you to throw your paws up.

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