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North Island Boathouse Tour


About North Island Boathouse Tour

The North Island Lighthouse Tour, an exclusive event hosted by staff from Hobcaw Barony and the Yawkey Wildlife Center, takes visitors from Hobcaw House pier by boat to the unmanned lighthouse. Participants will disembark to climb the lighthouse and view the harbor, and they will learn about the ecology and coastal history of the area between the Atlantic Ocean and Winyah Bay.

Cost is $150/person, and the exertion level required to complete the tour is high. It involves climbing, standing, and embarking/disembarking a boat.


July 17th, 2019 throughJuly 17th, 2019

Upcoming dates for North Island Boathouse Tour


Hobcaw Barony

Everywhere has a past, but not everywhere has people dedicated to preserving the history associated with the place. That’s not the case at this 16,000-acre Lowcountry nature and history preserve, which is home to an 1800 square-foot Discovery Center, 19th century slave village, the old house of Bernard Baruch (which was once visited by luminaries such as Winston Churchill and Franklin Roosevelt), and more. Bus tours of the historic grounds, which were used for such things as rice and indigo production, hunting, and wildlife and endangered species habitats, are available Tuesday through Friday mornings each week. (Make sure to call ahead for availability and reservations). For interested school classes, Hobcaw offers a rare opportunity to study all kinds of ecological and marine science species in the grounds’ marshes and forests. So if you’re a history buff, or just want to get out of Myrtle Beach for the day to explore the outdoors, Hobcaw Barony is the perfect place to immerse yourself into the region’s history while taking in some fresh air.

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