10 Places in Myrtle Beach the Locals Love

When’s the last time you landed a fresh catch? We’re not talking about a lunker of a snapper on the line. (Although … nice.)


What about a spot in Myrtle Beach that the locals love?


We’ve found a few. At the risk of having our locals’ card revoked, here they are. We’ve ranked them 10 to 1 for drama and effect. Hit one or two next time you’re funning on the Grand Strand.

10. Pop’s Place

We hate to call this place practical. (Practical-plus?) It’s got the basics, the beer and burgers, video games and pool tables, outdoor seating. All you need to enjoy on a day in Myrtle Beach. Out of this humble locale comes the Grand Strand’s best burger.


We recommend the Katie Burger. It has white American cheese, grilled onions and mushrooms, on berry wheat bread. 


VISIT POP’S PLACE |  511 South Kings Highway | (843) 448-6033

Burgers and Fries

In Myrtle Beach for a spell and have the means to cook for yourself? You need to visit J & J. They offer an array of meats, including filet mignon. They carry craft beer and wine and specialty sauces for a home-feel meal on vacation.


We recommend a takeaway meal. Individual servings or packages for the family, home-cooked and ready to heat.


Steak with Rosemary

Got a hankering for a ribeye that’ll recur in your dreams for a lifetime? This is your place. It’s worth packing a set of nice clothes for your trip! Ambiance, cuisine, service … Bistro 90 has it all. Reservations suggested.

We recommend Bistro 90’s signature Manhattan. Plus, a Center Cut Chilean Sea Bass and that dream-inducing ribeye.

Fish Dinner

Hidden in plain sight on Kings Highway, you’ve likely passed this gem while looking for another place. It’s the little things, like the outrageous queso dip and quick, friendly service. It’s no-frills, with excellent pricing and salsa that will rock your socks off.

We recommend joining the loyalty program. No kidding. It’s the kind of place you’ll visit each time you vacation here, sometimes more than once. Why not reap rewards?

Chips and Salsa

Paradise on toasted brioche buns and nachos that’ll ruin you. Can you handle that? You’ll have to find the truck to enjoy it. Do so, and you’ll enjoy locally sourced ingredients in unforgettable bowls.

We recommend the chili mac-and-cheese. You’ll never want to have one without the other again.


It’s the type of spot so good (and kind of fancy) that you’ll want to do good things to justify celebrating. It has an elegant, romantic feel to it, with fabulous food and professional staff. Reservations recommended.

We recommend trying a dessert cocktail. They have unique selections as the 21 Main Espresso Martini and Bailey’s Comet.

Fresh Lobster Tail with Drawn Butter

It feels as if locals love either the high-brow eateries or the down-home dives. This one’s in a cabin if you’re wondering which it falls under. Swoop in for the four horsemen of fast-but-not-fast-food-food. That includes hamburgers, hot dogs, wings, and barbecue, with homemade sauces. This place popped up on the Grand Strand in 1989, right after Hurricane Hugo took a swipe at it.

We recommend veggie soup. Either as a vegetarian option or a side to a burger so you can balance your universe.

Three burgers with toppings

There are great seafood restaurants in the birthplace of calabash. But this one, in Myrtle Beach, has a huge happy crab above the door. How many can say that? The combination of a plentiful buffet and Caribbean cocktails is a draw. It’s a favorite spot on Thanksgiving.

We recommend nabbing coupons online. You’ll save enough to justify indulging in a pina colada or two!

Seafood Dinner

It’s a lively eatery with Italian classics, plus a wonderful wine list. Enjoy modern decor and outdoor seating — it’d be a shame to be in Pawleys Island and not try this place. It might have the best Bolognese and tiramisu, in Myrtle Beach and beyond.

We recommend sharing antipasti like small plates. With Charcuterie, Caprese, Meatball Gios and more, you’re in for a treat.

Antipasta Salad

Fried. Green. Tomatoes. These make this a top spot to visit in Myrtle Beach. The biscuits are exceptional. Sitting outside at Cypress makes you happy you’re on the Grand Strand. This place is extraordinary from beginning to end, and definitely worth a try.

We recommend the Cypress Daquiri and Prime Cut Filet with Grilled Lobster. And, of course, Fried Green Tomatoes!

Steak and Lobster
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