5 of Myrtle Beach’s Top Spots for a Healthy Meal

Man cannot live on calabash shrimp alone. Oh, we can try. But healthy eating is a thing, and it’s not missing from the Myrtle Beach cuisine scene.

Where can you get a plate of healthy goodness in town?

We’ve got a few ideas. These places get the importance of good nutrition. You need the energy to search for sharks’ teeth, ride a paddleboard, and dance the night away, right?

1. Bay Naturals

All food is certified organic and scratch made. It’s sure to become a local favorite of yours. The staff is helpful to explain the menu, and you can shop for healthy choices to take back to the resort.

SPOTLIGHT DISH: Breakfast “All Day Long” Burrito. Eggless eggs in this rise-and-shine superstar are cholesterol-free.

2. Clean Eatz

Oh, my goodness — this place rocks. It’s an oasis for those who often find it hard to locate a healthy option while on the road. They also have some sweet apparel, protein bars, and other goodies to take with you.

SPOTLIGHT DISH: Big Boy 2.0. Chicken, brown rice, romaine, fire-roasted corn, and black beans. Add mozzarella and CE Sweet Chili sauce in a whole wheat wrap. Brown rice is high in dietary fiber, great for heart disease prevention. 

salad and toppings

3. Healthy Living Cafe

You know when you get a dish so beautiful and delicious that you forget to snap a pic of it for Instagram? Yeah, that’s what they serve at Healthy Living Cafe. Another health benefit here: A chill, welcoming atmosphere.

SPOTLIGHT DISH: Organic Healthy Living Acai Bowl. Acai is rich in antioxidants, which fight against cell damage from free radicals.

4. Kindbelly Cafe

For on-the-go healthy meals, visit Kindberry Cafe for everything from breakfast to smoothies. It’s an adorable eatery with vegan options. They pride themselves on a menu that’s nourishing, wholesome, and clean.

SPOTLIGHT DISH: Cali Coast Toast. It contains 21 organic grains. Plus, the avocado adds another 20 minerals and vitamins.

5. Soho

It’s all about your choices at Soho, a chic, popular spot for locals. You’ll love all the low-fat, high-protein sushi. They also rock the fish, grilled chicken, and salad game. A rooftop table is perfect for a healthy meal.

acai bowl with fruit

SPOTLIGHT DISH: Salmon Skewers. Salmon is one of the best sources of heart-healthy omega-3 fatty acids.

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