5 Things Myrtle Beach Has That Disney World Doesn’t

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What does Myrtle Beach have that Disney World doesn’t? Plenty, but here’s the top five:

* Affordability: Crunch the numbers and you will find that you spend an entire week enjoying Myrtle Beach's top attractions for the price of one day at Disney World. Forget about the cost of living, which is much higher in the Greater Orlando area than on the Grand Strand. Just the price of admission to Disney World alone would allow you to visit the Myrtle Beach SkyWheel, Broadway Grand Prix, Myrtle Waves, Ripley's Aquarium and still have spending money left over. And guests at Ocean Reef receive a free ticket to all the aforementioned attractions, making it even more affordable for a family of four to experience the best Myrtle Beach has to offer.

* Beach: If you've ever experienced the sweltering summer heat of Central Florida and the land-locked area of Orlando, you will appreciate the ocean breeze that keeps Myrtle Beach cool, and the ability to take a quick dip in the surf while chilling out on the beach. Listen to the sounds of crashing waves while you sit on your oceanfront balcony at night, and wake up to the breath-taking sight of sunrise over the Atlantic Ocean. Best of all, it's absolutely free to relax on the beach. Beat that, Mickey.

* Lowcountry cooking: Like Myrtle Beach, Orlando has plenty of seafood buffets and steakhouses and just about every kind of food on the planet – except one. Unlike Myrtle Beach, you won't find any authentic South Carolina Lowcountry cuisine around Disney World. Taste the She-Crab Soup and Shrimp & Grits from the world famous Sea Captain's House; savor the flavor of real South Carolina barbecue and Calabash-style seafood; and experience fresh-off-the-boat seafood at the Murrells Inlet Marshwalk. The Grand Strand is a great place to take your taste buds on vacation.

* Seasons: Aside from a few blips on the thermometer, it's hard to tell what month it is in Orlando. But in Myrtle Beach, visitors can experience all four seasons and year-round fun. Experience the blooming of Brookgreen Gardens in the spring, hit the beaches and waterparks to cool off in the summer months, experience world-class golf and fishing in the fall and get in the holiday spirit in the winter time. Guests at Ocean Reef can take a dip in the pool in any weather thanks to a spacious indoor/outdoor waterpark that features water slides, a lazy river and an children's aquatic play area.

* Shag Dancing: Ask someone in Orlando about the shag and the might send you to a carpet store. But do the same in the Ocean Drive section of North Myrtle Beach and they will point you to Fat Harold's Beach Club, the Spanish Galleon, OD Pavilion or any number of the local clubs where the dance craze was born back in the 1950s, and where folks young and old keep the tradition alive today. The state dance of South Carolina is performed to classic beach music and features lots of twists, turns and spins. Just ask any local and there's a good chance you will get a free lesson.

* Watersports: There's OK fishing in Orlando, if you want to catch the little ones from a lake, and the only place you will see a dolphin or other ocean life is in captivity. Not so in Myrtle Beach, where guests can take part in a wide range of ocean watersports, such as parasailing, surfing and kiteboarding. Take a deep-sea fishing trip or a dolphin-watching tour and experience the wonder of the Atlantic Ocean.


(Posted: 1/23/15)