9 Crafty Ways to Commemorate Your Spring Family Beach Trip

When you head to the Grand Strand, there’s certainly no shortage of options for purchasing souvenirs that will help you remember your beach getaway. This is because, of course, our 60-plus miles of Carolina coastline are home to a long list of beach-themed stores, souvenir shops, attractions and other retailers that will be glad sell you an array of beach-themed memorabilia, ranging from T-shirts and hats to shells and surfboards.

But — for the more artistically inclined among us, at least — the best souvenirs of our coastal excursion aren’t always store-bought. In fact, especially if you have children in your vacation crew, handmade souvenirs can add to the fun of the trip while providing an even more memorable memento of your visit to the Myrtle Beach area.

If you’re looking to add some crafty fun to your vacation while also creating a cherished keepsake to memorialize your trip, consider these nine ideas for beach-themed arts & crafts items that you can make yourself:

Beach-themed bounty

Shells/painted shells/seashell artwork

Why buy seashells when you can get them from the source? Wherever you stay on the Grand Strand — and especially if you’re staying right on the oceanfront at Ocean Reef Resort — you’re sure to have easy access to the Atlantic Ocean. So gather the vacation crew, kick off your shoes for a stroll through the coastal sands, and have some fun collecting seashells that you can take home as your beach souvenirs. For some additional crafty fun (and to create some personalized memorabilia), paint your seashells in a way that commemorates your vacation. And for even more ideas on a range of artistic, seashell-derived creations — including necklaces, tiaras, ornaments and more — check out these ideas.

Sand bottle art

With some beach sand, some food coloring, an empty bottle and a few other readily available tools, you can create a colorful souvenir that is sure to remind you of the Grand Strand’s soft beach sands every time you see it. Learn more about creating this memento at Diana Rambles.

Mermaid-scale rocks

This one is sure to make a splash with the mermaid lovers in your vacation crew. By collecting some smooth Grand Strand rocks and giving them a paint job suited for a sea siren, you can create a souvenir that looks great in the garden, as a paperweight or on a display shelf. Learn more about how to paint the perfect pattern at Projects For Kids.

Simple starfish

With some art supplies and the template found here, the kids in your crew can let their creativity flow while creating colorful and beautifully decorated starfish.

Holiday-themed hits

Saintly stones: Along the same lines as the mermaid-themed rocks discussed above, grab some green paint and adorn your smooth Grand Strand rocks with four-leaf clovers, pots o’ gold and rainbows for some crafty a St. Patrick’s Day-themed fun.

Felt Easter eggs

With some colorful felt, a little glue, and a few choice accents such as rhinestones, buttons, pom poms and ribbons, the artists in your crew can create some fun felt Easter eggs.

Upcycled Easter baskets

Use empty coffee cans, plastic cups or other containers, along with some paint, glue and a few added accents of your choosing, to create some fun and crafty upcycled Easter baskets with an Earth-friendly flair.

Sock Easter bunnies by Feeling Nifty

Got any old unmatched socks around? Stuff them with uncooked rice, then shape them with rubber bands before decorating them with ribbon and a marker to create these cute, no-sewing-required sock Easter bunnies.

Cinco de Mayo crafts by Artsy Craftsy Mom

To celebrate America’s most prominent Mexican-themed holiday, get crafty after a nacho- and taco-fueled meal by creating fun items such as paper rosettes, worry dolls, sombreros, maracas and more. Get some great, south-of-the-border-themed ideas here at Artsy Craftsy Mom.

Ready to plan your fun-filled family getaway to the Grand Strand? Book a spring stay at Ocean Reef Resort today. With our comfortable oceanfront accommodations and the wide range of amenities found on-site, we’ve got everything you’ll need to make some long-lasting memories at the beach with your family this spring.