A Way to Eat Healthy on Your Myrtle Beach Vacation

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So you are on vacation — and when on vacation, people can tend to stray away from their healthy diets. For example, rather than the salad or lean entrée they might have back home, vacationers might dig right into plates of greasy, fried foods or scoops of ice cream piled high in a waffle cone.

But you don’t have to be one of those vacationers. If you are determined to stay on track for at least one or two meals while visiting Myrtle Beach and the Ocean Reef Resort, check out Clean Eatz. The nearby restaurant, located just a 3-minute drive inland on North Kings Highway, offers up a great array of healthy and delicious foods, providing a great alternative when you have a hankering for a healthier meal option.

Restaurant founders Don and Evonne were on a mission to make this little café a positive environment for all its customers, to provide a good example of a healthy lifestyle and to serve up food that is not only good to eat, but can accommodate multiple tiers of clean eaters — and that’s exactly what they did. They started Clean Eatz in Wilmington, North Carolina, because, as bodybuilders, they found that it was hard to go out for lunch or dinner because they had no idea what exactly was going into their meals. With a menu they devised themselves, they can promise that anything you try at Clean Eatz is low in calories and fat, and that there is no added sugars or sodium, all offered at an affordable price!

From salads and burrito bowls to burgers and sandwiches, Clean Eatz offers many different options for a range of tastes that will fill your tummy and body with ingredients they will love. A fan favorite is the make-your-own burrito bowl, for which you can choose your preferred meat, carb and veggies. Want a burger, but want to avoid all the grease that comes with it at the typical burger joint? Try one of the Clean Eatz burgers that are made each day in the store, such as the Teriyaki Turkey Burger, piled high with multiple fruits and veggies, or the Skinny Burger, made with a bison patty and featuring all your favorite burger toppings. Even if you aren’t hungry for a full meal, stop in for a mid-afternoon snack and have a bite of their homemade hummus on pitas or a nice selection of fresh fruits and veggies.

Whoever said you have to eat unhealthy and cheat while on vacation has obviously never tried Clean Eatz. Here, you can find affordable food with a lot fewer calories than your typical restaurant. Stop in at 7727 N. Kings Highway — less than a mile from the Ocean Reef Resort — after a morning walk around town or after a nice afternoon on the beach and try this wonderful food for yourself!