Be the Early Bird Who Gets the Worm by Booking Your Myrtle Beach Trip Now!

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Since the spring season is still months away and you are likely focused on nearer-term plans and responsibilities, it may be hard to think about planning your next spring vacation to Myrtle Beach – but getting your vacation planned and booked early comes with a range of advantages. Since you already know you want to go, why not start planning and booking everything early so you have more time to focus on other things? Here are the top five reasons we suggest you book your vacation at Ocean Reef Resort early!

Availability – Myrtle Beach is a major vacation destination all year round, but it starts getting busier during the spring and summer months because of the change in the weather and vacationers’ schedules. Myrtle Beach’s Ocean Reef Resort is a beautiful place to stay with a great beachfront location and great accommodations for any group, big or small. When you book earlier, you’ll have a guaranteed great room to stay in – and likely with your pick of room type and location in the resort!

Savings – Between the multi-night hotel stay, eating out quite often and other fun activities, vacations can get pretty pricey – but Ocean Reef Resort wants to help you and your wallet out. When you visit the resort’s website, check out the tab at the top of the page that says “Specials,” and you will be able to find major deals that will help you save a lot of money! There are also many other discounts, such as government, military, AAA and AARP discounts that you can also take advantage of. With all the money you save, you can plan another excursion or fun activity to do with your family!

Planning – For planning purposes, booking early is definitely a great thing to do! When you already have your dates set, it is a lot easier to make your vacation plans and do what’s necessary to put them into action, such as buying tickets for local events and concerts, reserving a table at a fancy restaurant, and even scheduling times to go surfing, take a boat tour, or rent jet-skis or boats for having fun on the water. Planning early makes a lot of the stress that comes along with vacations go away, leaving more time for relaxing and fun with the family!

Amenities – On vacation, it is all about getting away from your normal life and indulging, so treat yourself a little. When you book earlier, you will have more options and can ensure yourself a long list of amazing amenities to choose from at Ocean Reef Resort, such as pools, other water features including a lazy river, a great poolside snack shack and a great on-site breakfast buffet.

Gifting – Anyone who visits Myrtle Beach is sure to make memories that will last a lifetime – so why not gift a Grand Strand getaway to one of your family members or friends?  Gifting a vacation is a great way to show people how much you love them and is perfect for special occasions, like a graduation or marriage! If you plan and book rooms early enough, it gives your lucky recipient plenty of time to clear their schedule and plan their trip so it will be especially memorable!

With all of these great reasons, you should book your Ocean Reef Resort vacation now so that you can make the most of a great Myrtle Beach getaway with all of your loved ones, or plan a great trip for one of your friends – all while saving a money along the way with all of the discounts you can receive!