Bet You Didn’t Know These 7 People are from Myrtle Beach

Myrtle Beach itself has definite star quality.


But did you know there are some famous folks out there who hail from The Grand Strand? Some were born right here on the coast. Others came early in life, or, at least, by college.


Here are five people who made it big, from Myrtle Beach. Some saw their star rise here, and others rose to prominence after leaving the Grand Strand.

1.) Cam Richards

This surfing star is on fire right now, taking the biggest surf competitions by storm. A Garden City native, he still considers the Garden City Pier site of the raddest waves he’s ever surfed. Many experts consider Cam the best surfer on the East Coast.

2.) Vanna White

The famous hostess and letter turner on Wheel of Fortune is Myrtle Beach born and raised. She has a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, and returns to the Grand Strand quite often. Her autobiography, Vanna Speaks!, became a best-seller in 1987.

3.) Kelly Tilghman

Tilghman, from North Myrtle Beach, was the PGA Tour’s first-ever female play-by-play commentator. She’s a popular on-air talent for the CBS Sports, and her family owned a course on the Grand Strand for 22 years. She played golf at Duke and was a long-time Golf Channel personality before moving to CBS to host a show.

4.) Darley Newman

She’s the mind behind an Emmy-winning travel show on PBS called Equitrekking. A Washington D.C. native Newman hosts Travels with Darley, and grew up in Myrtle Beach. She began riding horses at age 9, and started her career as a cameraperson for a local TV station.

5.) Josh Norman

This NFL cornerback played first at Coastal Carolina, then for the Carolina Panthers. He’s currently a free agent after stints in Washington and Buffalo. A five-year, $75 million contract with Washington made him the highest paid cornerback in NFL history at the time.

6.) Calvin Gilmore

The Calvin Gilmore music and comedy show has won so many awards. The creator of the Carolina Opry could have made it big anywhere he chose, but Myrtle Beach was his pick. He created a theater where he could entertain at the highest level, and never have to leave home.

7.) iAmJordi

This TikTok star is a dancer, singer, and songwriter. She has more than 7 million fans who enjoy her lip-syncing, comedy and transition videos. She’s played at The House of Blues and Alabama Theater on the Grand Strand.

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