Elevate Your Instagram Posts at These 8 Photo-Worthy Spots on the Grand Strand

For nearly every discerning traveler, the vacation destination of choice must check a few critical boxes to make the cut. And in most cases (and especially for those who love the beach), the Grand Strand covers them all — with ample attractions like beautiful coastal scenery, a long list of fun things to do, amazing places to eat and plenty of comfortable (and budget-friendly) places to stay.


But for many modern-day travelers who are regulars on social media, another must-have requirement makes the list: Instagram-worthy attractions. And of course, this is another area where the Grand Strand shines bright.


Looking to add some sweet vacation shots to your Instagram timeline during your next coastal getaway? Head for one (or more) these eight top perfect-for-posting spots and sights in the Myrtle Beach area:

  1. Finn — A new fixture at Ocean Reef Resort, Finn is the property’s fun, life-sized blue shark mascot — and he’s always more than willing to pose for Instagram shots with guests. Resort visitors can expect to see him roaming around the property taking pictures with guests, handing out goodies, dancing, meeting with the kids and more. And for those looking to take some Finn memorabilia home after their stay, an assortment of Finn “swag” can also be found in the resort’s gift shop.


  1. The beach — Boasting 60 miles of scenic Atlantic Ocean coastline, the Grand Strand is loaded with great — and picture-worthy — white-sand beaches. And if you’re looking to document one on Instagram, the challenge isn’t finding a beautiful beach in the Myrtle Beach area … it’s choosing which one you want to spotlight in your shots. (Side note: Those who choose to stay at Ocean Reef Resort on the Myrtle Beach oceanfront won’t have to go far to find a post-worthy beach — as there’s a scenic stretch of Atlantic Ocean coastline right in the backyard.)


  1. The Boardwalk — Running 1.2 miles along the Myrtle Beach oceanfront, the Myrtle Beach Boardwalk has been rated a top-three boardwalk in the United States by National Geographic and Travel + Leisure magazines. And with beautiful ocean views found every step of the way — along with a fun collection of shops, restaurants and entertainment options adding even more allure — it’s also a great spot for taking post-worthy pics.
finn the shark
  1. The Pier — By taking a stroll along a local over-the-ocean pier, vacationers can soak in sweeping views of the Atlantic while capturing gorgeous photographic evidence of the adventure. Of course, if they choose to, they can also reel in a fresh-from-the-ocean catch or two — and some intensely Instagram-worthy shots. Popular piers to check out in the Myrtle Beach area (to name a few) include the 14th Avenue Pier, the 2nd Avenue Pier, the Apache Pier and the Cherry Grove Pier.


  1. SkyWheel Myrtle Beach — A towering landmark on the Myrtle Beach skyline, SkyWheel Myrtle Beach takes passengers to heights of nearly 200 feet (20 stories) above the shoreline below. And whether you take a photo during the ride or simply a shot with the SkyWheel in the background (an especially impressive sight when it’s lit up at night), the photo will be signature Myrtle Beach.


  1. Hollywood Wax Museum — You may not actually spot The Rock, Clint Eastwood, Taylor Swift, Dale Earnhardt, or Beyonce in person during your trip to the Hollywood Wax Museum. But you can take a great — and oh-so-Insta-worthy — photo with all their likenesses and many more while also having a great time at this Broadway at the Beach attraction.


  1. The Murrells Inlet MarshWalk — Offering a half-mile wooden boardwalk for visitors to stroll during their visit to the South Strand, the Murrells Inlet MarshWalk is also a great place to enjoy a meal and some fun at one of the eight on-site restaurants, most specializing in delicious, fresh-caught seafood. And with its scenic setting overlooking a natural saltwater estuary, it can serve up some exceedingly Insta-worthy Lowcountry nature shots along the way, too.


  1. Selfie WRLD Myrtle Beach — Literally built to boost your social media photo opportunities, Selfie WRLD at Myrtle Beach’s Coastal Grand Mall is an interactive art attraction that features an array of creative and colorful backgrounds for your selfie-taking pleasure. So, to fill your Instagram feed (or even to capture the perfect profile pic), simply head for this selfie museum and start snapping away!
Ocean Reef - Oceanfront King Room

A Photo-Worthy Home for Your Grand Strand Getaway

Looking to level up your Instagram timeline? Put some Carolina coast in your posts with a Grand Strand getaway!


To get started, book your stay at Ocean Reef Resort on the picturesque Myrtle Beach oceanfront. With our comfortable accommodations and the long list of fun (and Insta-worthy) amenities found on-site, we’ve got everything you’ll need to make some memories (and share some great social posts) in Myrtle Beach.

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