Five Places for Sweet Treats near Ocean Reef

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You can take a vacation, but your sweet tooth never takes time off. That's especially true during a visit to Myrtle Beach. There's something about the sun, surf and sand that makes your body crave something cold, sweet and tasty — and the Grand Strand is a virtual Candyland for folks who love a good sugar rush.


Guests at Ocean Reef are fortunate to not only have a great place to get something sweet like a frozen drink or smoothie at the Banana Boat Lounge & Pool Bar, but the neighborhood around the resort also offers a variety of candy shops and ice cream parlors. Here are five of our guests' favorite places to grab a sweet treat:


Baskin-Robbins/Dunkin’ Donuts: Two great names in the international sweets market are under one roof in a small strip mall a few blocks away from Ocean Reef. Located at the corner of Kings Highway and 76th Avenue North, this joint venture allows patrons to satisfy two types of sugar rushes in one visit — with 31 flavors of cold and creamy ice cream, and a wide selection of tasty doughnuts filled and topped with even more sweetness. Both offer healthier versions of treats, such as iced coffees, smoothies and low-fat yogurts, but it's hard to resist the good stuff. At least you can burn off a few of the calories on the walk to and from the resort.


Canipes Chocolates & Candies: This locally owned and operated candy maker creates its goodies at a nearby bakery in Longs, but you can find them at Coastal Grand Mall and at other kiosks around the Grand Strand. Specializing in candies shaped like animals, like the popular chocolate gators, Canipes offers a unique taste of the South Carolina coast with native nuts and local ingredients. Chocolate-dipped cookies and pretzels are another signature of Canipes that make great gifts for friends back home.


IT'SUGAR: Ever hear the expression “feeling like a kid in a candy shop”? That's the best way to describe a visit to this Broadway at the Beach sugar shack, which looks like a scene out of “Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.” Colorful candies of all kinds line the walls and fill the barrels throughout the store, where patrons can scoop their favorites into a plastic zip-up bag and pay by the pound. IT'SUGAR also offers a variety of candy bars, gummy bears, jumbo lollipops, jawbreakers and other treats.


Kirk's 1890 Ice Cream Parlor: Take a trip back in time to an old-fashioned soda parlor at this locally owned and operated ice cream shop. Featuring two locations on the north side of Myrtle Beach, both on Kings Highway at 61st and 25th Avenues North, Kirk's offers frozen classics like banana splits, malts and sundaes, as well as scoops of real ice cream with all the toppings in house-made waffle cones. The old-timey decor and vintage arcade add to the experience.


Wee-R-Sweetz: Stock up on sweet treats to take back home at this locally owned operation. With three locations on the Grand Strand, including ones at nearby Barefoot Landing and Broadway at the Beach, Wee-R-Sweetz serves authentic Myrtle Beach saltwater taffy that makes a great gift for folks with a sweet tooth, as well as caramel-dipped apples and popcorn balls, gourmet chocolates, fudge, brittle, nuts and fruit slices. They even make treats for your four-legged friends back at home.


After a tasty treat on the town, return to the resort for a nap in your luxurious room, relax on our indoor and outdoor oceanfront pool decks, or work up a sweat at our on-site fitness center. It’s all part of the sweet life that comes with staying at Ocean Reef.