Five Tips for Enhancing your Myrtle Beach Vacation with Social Media

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Ever try to describe your vacation memories to family and friends? No matter how vividly you paint the picture, it's hard to replicate the moment in time and space.

And you can literally watch their eyes glaze over as they try to process an album filled with random vacation photos. It's one of those “you had to be there” things.

That's the beauty of social media. Now you can bring your online communities along for a virtual vacation to Myrtle Beach by sharing your vacation highlights in real time, writing reviews of restaurants and shows, and receiving recommendations from friends. And once you return, you can create a multi-media gallery detailing your experience.

Here are five tips for making your Myrtle Beach vacation more social-media friendly.

* Safety first: Don't be one of those poor souls who tweet out to the world that their entire family is out of town, and that their homes are empty, and the silverware is in the top drawer. Although the media has made much of these rare instances, most folks have friends and neighbors keeping an eye on their houses, which is a good idea even if you don't use social media. But if all is secure on the home front, posting photos on Facebook and tweeting out humorous highlights during your trip is not only safe, but also fun.

* Selfie hot spots: Photo ops abound in Myrtle Beach. From the carnival atmosphere of the downtown district to the tranquil setting of the beach, you can capture some cool photos in places that are unmistakably Myrtle Beach. Take a selfie with a hermit crab at the beachwear store, or from the top of the Myrtle Beach SkyWheel, or with a plate full of crab legs at a seafood buffet, or lining up a putt. Tweet them out or post them on Facebook and laugh at the feedback from loved ones who wish they were there.

* Room with a View: One common rookie mistake among vacationers using social media is to snap all the great photos they visit but not a single shot of their hotel room and resort. Despite the fact that you spend the majority of your vacation in your room or on the resort property's pool and beach, and those moments should make up as much of your memories as the tourist attractions you visit. For instance, the Ocean Reef Resort offers free Wi-Fi and its own web site and social media platforms, allowing guests even more access for sharing. Post your vacation memories and photos on Ocean Reef’s Facebook page, and write reviews for future guests.

* Be your own best critic: Speaking of reviews, vacation is the best time to take advantage of these features. If you are looking for places to dine, shop, play golf or go sightseeing, recommendations from those who came before you are only a few clicks away at sites like Trip Advisor and Yelp. But in the spirit of sharing, you also should review the places you visit, on web sites and social media platforms. Share your vacation itinerary with others and get feedback from others.

* Preserve the memories: Sure, you can post a photo gallery with the generic headline “Myrtle Beach 2014” and let folks try to figure out exactly what you did. Or you can share the experience by creating a multimedia display detailing the highlights of your vacation. Using programs like Shutterfly, you can make an online scrapbook for use on various social media platforms. You will be glad you did as years pass and vacation memories fade. Using social media lets you share with others and save for yourself.


(Posted: 12/1/14)

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