Fuel your beach-vacation dreams with these Ocean Reef guest testimonials

Here at Ocean Reef Resort on the Myrtle Beach oceanfront, we can hardly wait until the long-anticipated day arrives when we can again host you and your family for an amazing Grand Strand vacation. And while the time for booking may not be upon us quite yet, we can all still dream of sandy beaches and sun-filled days on the Carolina coast with some of our favorite people.

Read on for a few guest photos and testimonials that just might wet your vacation whistle — and cheer you up a bit by helping you envision the brighter days that lay ahead on the Grand Strand:

“This is a picture of our son Jacob. The expression on his face and his body language says it all — we LOVE Ocean Reef Resort!!! We have a countdown every year for our family vacation to Myrtle Beach. He looks forward staying at this resort the most because of all the “fun things” you can do. He absolutely loves the waterslide and lazy river. Of course, as his parents, we love Ocean Reef for all the same reasons, but our number one is how family-oriented this resort is. It makes our vacation feel at ease and like home.”

— Shawna C.

“We came to Ocean Reef last October. Most kids were back in school, so it was mostly little kids with their families. My daughter (5) met a little girl at the pool, and we found out they live a few hours from us in southwestern Ohio. The sweet girl and my daughter became fast friends, and she’s visited our home three times since. My little girl made a lifelong friend with just one visit to the beach. We love Ocean Reef and return as often as possible.”

— Brandi G.

“We loved Ocean Reef from our very first arrival all the way to the exhausting end of each vacation. When my kids’ friends speak about other vacation spots, my kids reply with: ‘But have you been to Ocean Reef?!’ Likewise, my husband and I feel Ocean Reef is the perfect family package. Our fondest memory is searching for seashells on the beach (as my girls are in this picture). We did this every morning and never missed a day. The beach is beautiful. Until next vacation, thank you for the amazing family memories!”

— Lacy B.

“The rooms are very comfortable. I love the views from the rooms … the sunrise is an awe-inspiring blessing each morning. The sunsets viewed from the rooms are stunning and so serene. Housekeeping attends to everyone’s needs and keeps the rooms very clean. I’ll give a shout-out to Ms. Shiny. Thank you, Ocean Reef — our home away from home.”

— Judy Kaye W.

“We loved our oceanfront room! The location is great, and the amenities are perfect for our weekend getaway. My 3-year-old niece loved the pool and the DJ entertainment.”

— Jamie P.

“The ocean views, resort amenities, comfortable beds and housekeeping service were top-notch. We have stayed at Ocean Reef for two years in a row … and we will continue to enjoy this resort for our family vacations!”

— Amanda D.

“On April 30th, 2018, my husband, Tom, and I celebrated our 47th wedding anniversary at Ocean Reef Resort in Myrtle Beach. We also spent our 46th wedding anniversary here. We were so pleased with our stay last year that we decided this will be our special anniversary trip each year. We live in Ohio and can drive through in a day. Everything about Ocean Reef Resort is outstanding! We don’t know how you select your staff, but they were all so amazing. The ocean is our happy place, and we look forward to many more stays at Ocean Reef. We love this end of Myrtle Beach. Repeat visitors are your best advertisement! Keep up the good work!!!”

  • Sue K.

Ready to start dreaming about (and maybe even start planning) your next fun-filled family getaway to the Grand Strand? Visit the Ocean Reef Resort website today for a virtual vacation that will help you start preparing for the real one coming down the road! With our comfortable oceanfront accommodations and the wide range of amenities found on-site, we’ve got everything you’ll need to enjoy the perfect beach getaway once vacation days are upon us again.

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