How to Design a Myrtle Beach Honeymoon for the Ages

Congratulations! We’d honk horns and throw birdseed if we could to commemorate this happy occasion for you both. Planning a honeymoon won’t be as involved as the wedding, but it needs a little attention too (and you need a break from wedding planning!).


You need a paradise location. The Grand Strand, for instance (this is your wedding’s after-party, after all.)


If you’re unaccustomed to planning a big trip, this can become daunting. Here’s a plan for that memorable honeymoon on the Carolina coast.

Why do people love Myrtle Beach so Much?

That’s a post in itself! With 60 miles of beach, great values everywhere, and an array of definitions of fun, it can be anyone’s playground. It’s a golfer’s paradise, but also has diversions to offer people who’ve never picked up a club. (Plus, actual clubs, to dance in, and minigolf for those who’d rather take on pirates on the course than doglegs.) 


The food, the SkyWheel, the shopping, the people … it’s all good. Take in a game or take a long walk on the beach. Myrtle Beach has it all.

How to Plan Your Myrtle Beach Honeymoon

1. Start Early

The pros say six to nine months ahead is ideal, but that’s ballpark. Honeymoons taken out of peak season could be less expensive. The Grand Strand is a great choice for off-season travel because fall and winter are mild. Fall average highs in the mid-70s (lows in the mid-50s). In winter, it’s in the upper 50s and lows in the mid-30s.)


Try this: Plan together. Wedding planning can be stressful; you don’t want to stress out your partner by not contributing!

Ocean View from Balcony

2. Set a Budget

Setting and sticking to the plan will help reduce the stress and penny-pinching. Answer these questions:
How much time do you have?
How much are flights (if necessary) that time of year?


Next, make a spreadsheet with each day of your honeymoon on a line. Allot money for:


  • Activities
  • Drinks
  • Flights
  • Food
  • Resort
  • Transportation


Your budget can fluctuate. But having an idea of these expenses will help you to rank things in importance for your trip.


Try this: Do some comparison shopping, looking for package deals. Subscribe to newsletters for favorite restaurants on the Grand Strand. They often will send you deals just for signing up.

Money and a Calculator

3. Do it Yourself

Travel agents are pros at honeymoons, but wouldn’t you like to customize it? Also, that’s an expense you can do without. Rather than conform to a template, work on things you both enjoy. Are you into water parks? Does your partner have a favorite Myrtle Beach breakfast restaurant? Each of you makes a list of your top three activities you want to take part in for the trip.


Try this: Plan a private picnic, in a beautiful spot. Everything on a honeymoon can feel scripted, so a break together to relax can be just what you needed.

Ocean Reef Cafe Du Port Overview

4. Start a Honeyfund

Crowdfunding is in the equation for everything from startups to tattoo removal! Wedding guests can contribute to an account to fund you. It’ll help to list some of the most fun activities (a fishing charter?) you hope to take part in on your honeymoon — or be open to suggestions (an afternoon spent at flea markets?). That could open possibilities you hadn’t considered.


Try this: Reduce the number of household items you ask guests to get you in a wedding register. Or, add a honeymoon cash box to your gift table at the wedding reception.

Money Jar on Table

5. Knock Out Last-Minute Details Now

Your wedding day is soon. Relax, but not too much! Do these things:

  • Pack essential items you can stow away now:
    • Comfortable, weather-appropriate outfits
    • Nice clothes
    • Swimsuits (plus hats, sunscreen, towels)
  • Stop mail and set away email responses
  • Confirm with airlines and hotels
  • Label your luggage


Try this: Make a checklist, based on your itinerary, for everyone you hope to take part in. Pack every single item you’ll need that you can ahead of time.

Luggage and Passport

You’ll find clean, well-appointed accommodations awaiting your arrival at Ocean Reef. You’ll love the view, room layout, and hot tubs especially! Consider a parlor room for an extra touch of class, and book your honeymoon getaway today.