Myrtle Beach has great locations for your holiday card picture

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Everyone loves getting holiday cards with photos on them! Reading the details about new babies, new spouses, and kids getting older is even more fun when you can see their smiling faces. On the other hand, lining up the family on the staircase or by the front door has been done a thousand times. What if you want something really special to grace the front of your holiday cards?

Fortunately, Myrtle Beach is full of scenic (and easily accessible!) locations where you can gather your family for a photo that will grab everyone’s attention when you send out your cards this year. Here are five great locations to snap an eye-catching holiday photo during your stay at Ocean Reef Resort.

2nd Avenue Pier. There are quite a few piers in Myrtle Beach, and they all offer stunning views for your photo backdrop. 2nd Avenue Pier is singled out mainly for its historic value. The pier has withstood the waves of the Atlantic Ocean for almost 75 years now! Group up on the beach with the pier in the background or take your photo on the pier itself, with the endless ocean waters behind you! Either way, you will end up with a photo and a conversation piece. The pier is open from 7 am to 1 pm and it costs $1 per person to walk out, but that nominal price is worth the stunning ocean views!

Murrells Inlet. The Murrells Inlet Marshwalk offers some unique opportunities for scenic shots. The sunsets over the marsh are spectacular, and you might get lucky enough to capture the birds or other wildlife in their natural habitat as part of your photo. You also get a different view of the ocean from the Marshwalk than from the typical beachfront angle. The only difficult part of taking your family photo here will be deciding which of the stunning shots you want to use on your card!

Plyler Park. You might not be able to get your family photo taken while riding the iconic Sky Wheel, but grouping up with the spectacular landmark in the background is just as good! You can also grab some shots at the boardwalk and on the beach, giving you lots of different choices when it comes down to that final selection.

Inlet Point Plantation. How about taking a large step off the beaten path for your holiday photo this year? Inlet Point Plantation is located on a magnificent private island, and they conduct tours and rides on horseback as well as portrait and family photo sessions! There are tours appropriate for all levels of skill on horseback, including the “never been on a horse” novice. Children must be at least 7 years old, so it’s perfect for families where the kids are a little older and everyone can join in the fun. Imagine a holiday photo that the kids actually get excited about!

Broadway at the Beach. Maybe you’d prefer photos with a little action in them? Show everyone how much fun you and your family have when you’re in Myrtle Beach by setting your family photo at Broadway at the Beach! In addition to the beach and the ocean, but the boardwalk itself can also be a great backdrop for a photo, especially in the evening when the lights come on.  If you time it right, you can even include part of the evening fireworks show!

Break out of the humdrum holiday photo rut. Bring the family down to Ocean Reef Resort and visit one of these locations or any of the many other eye-catching spots around Myrtle Beach. You’ll be sure to snap a family photo that will make your holiday card stand out from the pack.