Never Underestimate the Potential of a Winter Beach Trip

If your beach vacation schedule has winter dates, you understand.


Myrtle Beach is a blast in the summer. It’s also a great off-season destination. With mild weather and a year-round vibe, the Grand Strand has lots to offer when it’s chilly at home.


This list should get you started.

Anyone Vacationing at the Beach This Winter: Try These Activities

Fill the short winter days with lots of outdoor activities. From relaxing to the adventurous, you have plenty of awesome options.

  1. Flying kites

It’s a simple pastime, reminiscent of childhood. And winter winds make it a blast at the beach.



  • Visit Klig’s Kites. You’ll find helpful service from a knowledgeable staff. This gift shop has lots of awesome items, so take your time and shop!
  1. Ride bikes

Families that take part in this activity can find new adventures at every turn. Plus, you’re adding exercise to your getaway.



kite flying on the beach
  1. Hunt ghost crabs

If staying out a bit after dark for a fun hunt as a family sounds good, we’ve got the activity for you. They’re fun to find, but leave them where you find them.



  • Hit the shore after dark with a flashlight. You’ll see many scurrying across the sand. They usually freeze when you shine the light on them!
  • Be quiet and don’t rush. Look for holes in the sand. You don’t need to capture them — other than in your memory or a smartphone photo.
  1. Collect shells and sharks’ teeth

You’re unlikely to have the stiff competition for treasures you might have in the summer months. Winter is a great time to find a gem of a shell.



  • After a storm, it is an ideal time to hunt. Sandbars and tidepools at low tide often contain intact shells and shark teeth.
  • Scan shell piles. For sharks’ teeth, look for the glint of shiny black. Look along the strand line, where the high tide has pushed deposits.
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