No Man Is an Island: Tips and Tricks to Survive a Beach Trip

Should you tip housekeeping? How should you determine which sunscreen is best? When can you find the best variety of seashells?

When it comes to a beach trip, there’s a lot to know.

We’ve compiled a list of tips and tricks to help you through. How do you deal with constant sand stuck to your skin? Read on and learn.

How to deal with sand, and other beach tips and tricks


Where should I stay?

A nice place to consider is Ocean Reef Resort, for a long weekend or weeklong stay. It’s renowned for its professional staff, Café du Port breakfast, and pools. And there are always great specials going on when you book.


When should I get there?

Check-in at the hotel begins at 4 pm. For other things such as the beach, for your tee time and  attractions, the earlier the better. You’ll get settled easier, find a prime spot on the sand, and help your pace of play. You’ll get more of your day back.


Which kind should I have?

It might sound obvious, but an optimistic attitude works best on a beach vacation. Stay open-minded — sometimes the best-laid plans don’t go the way you’d like. Don’t let a new form of stress take over your peace of mind.

Ocean Reef Oceanfront Deluxe King Room


How do I keep them … cool?

Freeze individual-serving water bottles and keep them with your drinks and snacks. Empty a bit of water from each first, as water will expand as it freezes. You can also freeze water in water balloons for the same effect.


How much should I tip?

The usual amount is $2-$5 per day, but during pandemic times, $5 per day seems fair. Leave the tip each day of your stay.


Where else can we find it, besides the beach?

– Hit Soar + Explore to zipline, tackle ropes courses, and more.

– Indulge in a Prime Rib at Angus Steak and Seafood.

– Flood your Insta feed at Selfie WRLD Myrtle Beach.

Ocean Reef Girls Running Under Mushroom


Where can I stash some?

There are several hacks for turning ordinary items into stealth holders of valuables. Chapstick tubes, deodorant containers, markers … check it out.


How do I keep it from sticking to me?

Sprinkle baby powder where the sand is — feet, hands, hair, wherever. Rub back and forth with your hands to leave your skin smooth and free of sand. Talc powder also works.


What time of day is best for finding them?

Go in the morning, at low tide, especially after a windy or stormy night. The low tide in spring during a full or new moon is the mecca of seashell searching. Plus, getting an early start puts you ahead of other seekers!

Pile of seashells on the beach


Which is best?

For best results, look for SPF (sun protection factor) 30 or more. The higher the number, the more protection you get from UVB rays, but 30 is plenty. Apply every two hours, especially if you’re swimming or sweating, or both.