‘Pure Magic’ Show Captivates Crowds at The Carolina Opry

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With its stunning coastal scenery and long list of family-friendly activities, the Grand Strand is considered to be a magical place by many of the vacationers who visit each year. And now, thanks to a new and captivating production at The Carolina Opry, the Myrtle Beach area can make an even stronger claim to the “magical” title.

Featuring The Wagsters — a husband-and-wife duo who collectively boast over 20 years of theatrical and illusionary training — the Pure Magic show successfully combines the young performers’ contagious charm and wit with elements of magic, amazement, comedy and drama. The result is a must-see production that will keep the entire family entertained and amazed with production highlights such as fascinating card tricks, unbelievable disappearing acts and some silly sleight of hand.

Regular visitors to The Carolina Opry may recognize The Wagsters, as the couple has made regular appearances in a pair of the venue’s most popular shows — the Thunder & Light dance, laser and magic show, as well as The Christmas Show of the South, a holiday-season favorite on the Grand Strand.

“This is the sort of intimate magic show that every family loves, and Myrtle Beach has had a void in this area of entertainment,” said Calvin Gilmore, founder of The Carolina Opry. “It’s the best kind of good, clean family fun. The Wagsters are young, charming and talented — their star will rise quickly. People of all ages love this appealing and compelling show.”

Reviewers seem to overwhelmingly agree with Gilmore’s assessment. The Pure Magic show has earned a 5-star cumulative rating and a Certificate of Excellence on TripAdvisor.com, and The Wagsters have been officially recognized as Myrtle Beach’s top magicians three times — in 2016, 2017 and 2018. Here’s a sampling of what recent TripAdvisor reviewers have had to say about the Pure Magic production

“A fantastic magic show with great talent. The Wagsters are a married couple and you can see the magic and feel the magic as they perform. Highly recommended. You will not be disappointed.”

“This show is amazing. He does illusions right in front of you, and you hear the whole audience clapping and asking how in the world did they do that. Children will love the show. Adults will be amazed by the show. It was about 70 minutes of entertainment. Brandon and Hannah are phenomenal and a great team. Can't wait to return.”

“We literally have been to over 100 magic shows over the years, ranging from Copperfield to our 13 year old son. We are so glad that the Gilmore family has brought a real magic show to Myrtle Beach. … This full out Magic spectacular is over an hour of grand illusions, sleight of hand, comedy and inspiration. … You will understand once you begin to experience their well choreographed routines, why this young married couple have kept Grand Strand audiences excited for years and why they have found a home at The Opry.”

To learn more about the Pure Magic show and to get your tickets, visit The Carolina Opry’s website.

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