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Skip the Line with Express Check In and Out from the Ocean Reef App

Skip the Line with Express Check In and Out from the Ocean Reef App

Are you in a rush to check-out to beat the traffic home? Have antsy kids who can’t wait five minutes to explore every inch of the resort while you check into you room? Skip waiting in long lines and download the Ocean Reef Resort app onto your smartphone to check in or out of the room in seconds!

This easy to navigate app lets you access your reservation so you can check-in right from your phone and pick up your key card from an express line, and checkout at any time, just leave the cards in your room and Ocean Reef will email you the bill.

But don’t think this is the only upside to the app. Out of towels? Looking for something fun and exciting to do around town? Through the app, you can contact guest services and let them know if you need something or want to nab discounted tickets to a show or a local event.

There are also a lot of discounts available for onsite food amenities in the resort that only guests can receive through the app.  If you have a lot of things you want to do, but don’t know how to fit all of the activities into the time period you are visiting, this app can help.

The Ocean Reef app has an itinerary builder where you can plan out your days and figure out when would be the perfect time to hit everything on your list. They update the weather constantly also, making it easy to figure out if it would be a good day to catch a Pelican’s baseball game or go catch a movie at the local movie theater. 

With this app, not only will your check in and out process be easier, but so will your whole trip. Save money and time by downloading the Ocean Reef Resort app before your stay with us in Myrtle Beach!

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