The best sand toys to get when heading to the beach this summer.

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The best sand toys to get when heading to the beach this summer.

Heading to the beach, and wondering what would be the best sand toys for your kids (and yourself) to be able to get the most enjoyment out of this summer.  Although, I must say that every member of the family can always use the simple pail and shovel that comes in one size fits all.  I am sure you remember playing for hours with these two simple toys at the beach, but now, thee are new innovative beach toys for you and your family to enjoy.  Here is a sampling of the top 5:

1.  Beach Bocce Set – they have portable bocce ball sets that will provide hours of fun for the entire family.  You get 8 balls in 4 colors.  Most beach bocce sets have a water-resistant nylon carrying case, jack, measuring string, tape, instructions with game rules.  My family has tons of fun and we always try and outdo the other.

2.  Beach Wagon Set – You need a tough and durable plastic wagon that comes with four sand molds, a sifter rake,  a bucket, a spade, a water can and a water wheel.  This little set has everything you need to make the best sand castle ever.  OR … the deepest hole to bury your sister in.

3.  Paddle Ball – with two or four players, paddle ball is awesome.  With the object of the game simple yet fun, you will be playing for hours.

4.  Beach Ball – Everyone loves hitting a beach ball!

5.  Shape Makers – if you really want to make the best design … you will want to pick up a few shape makers.  You will have some awesome pictures to show your friends and family.

There are a lot of beach toys and you can have hours of fun with them.  Just remember, pick the ones you want and enjoy.