The ‘What to Pack’ Essentials for Your Winter Myrtle Beach Vacation

Seeking an escape from the wintery weather? While frigid temperatures and heavy snow may be the norm during the winter months farther north, the coastal climate of the Grand Strand typically delivers much milder conditions throughout the year’s shortest season.


In fact, while those living in climates farther north are busy bundling up, in the Myrtle Beach area, average daytime highs come in at 57º to 61º F from December through February, while the nighttime lows during this period typically land in the 36º to 38º F range. And of course, these temperate conditions make the Grand Strand a prime place to escape winter’s chill.

5 Things to Pack for Your Winter Vacation in Myrtle Beach

Ready to make your winter escape to Myrtle Beach and the Grand Strand? Here are five essentials to consider bringing along for the trip:

1. Light Layers

Check the weather to make sure before you leave, but it’s unlikely that you’ll need your heavy jacket and winter gloves for your winter stay on the Grand Strand. Rather, in most cases, your best bet is to pack clothes that are easy to layer, such as short- and long-sleeve shirts, sweaters, and maybe even a light jacket or windbreaker in case you decide to take an evening stroll along the beach. By layering up, you’ll be able to keep warm even if the weather turns cooler than normal.

2. Swimsuit

While the ocean is likely to be too cool for swimming in the winter (when the average ocean water temperature is in the low- to mid-50s), when you stay at Myrtle Beach’s Ocean Reef Resort, you’ve still got multiple options for taking a dip during your winter getaway. Among the water attractions found on-site at the oceanfront resort, an indoor pool, an indoor lazy river and hot tubs allow guests to take a swim (or just relax poolside or in the hot tub) any time of year.

3. Sunscreen

Even if it isn’t summer, the sun can still shine bright on the Grand Strand. In fact, according to statistics, the Myrtle Beach area experiences an average of 15 sunny days a month during the winter (and an average total of 215 sunny days each year). And whether it’s especially warm outside or not, the sun can still deliver a sunburn if you spend much time outside, even during the winter. So, to stay on the safe side, be sure to pack a sunscreen with a high enough SPF to keep any exposed skin protected from the sun’s rays.

4. Sunglasses

For the same reason mentioned above, your shades can be in order on the Grand Strand no matter what time of year it may be. And whether you’re strolling on the beach or hitting the area’s renowned links for some winter golfing action, you’ll want to keep your eyes protected from the rays and avoid the need for squinting by bringing your favorite pair of sunglasses along.

5. Walking Shoes

While flip-flops or sandals may be the ideal footwear for summer at the beach (and you may even find a good time to wear them during the wintertime on the Grand Strand), your safest bet for keeping your feet comfortable during the cooler months in the Myrtle Beach area is a pair of walking shoes. With them, you’ll be able to keep your feet warm whether taking a stroll along the beach or up Ocean Boulevard — and you can always kick them off when you want to dip your toes into the soft sands of the Ocean Reef’s backyard beach.

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Winter in Myrtle Beach: Stay at Ocean Reef Resort

Looking to warm up your winter with a fun coastal getaway? Book an oceanfront stay at Myrtle Beach’s Ocean Reef Resort today. With our comfortable and luxurious accommodations and the wide range of amenities found on-site, we’ve got everything you’ll need to enjoy a winter escape in Grand Strand style.

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