Things to Play as a Family on the Beach (or at Your Resort)

Parasailing? An absolute blast. The same can be said for kayaking the salt marsh, deep-sea fishing, and riding SkyWheel at night.


But you don’t have to go to such extremes to find fun on your Myrtle Beach vacation.


A perk of staying in a Brittain Resort is … staying in. Or at least close. As a family, you’ll find plenty of diversions right here at your home away from home. 

Fun Things To Do in or Around Your Resort

… and you only have to fuss with parking once.

Beach Volleyball

It’s required in beach movies that volleyball matches with a game point in slo-mo. In reality, you might set up a small court with coolers and beach towels for very little kids. You can also happen upon a pickup game with your older kids and show you’ve still got it.

Ocean Reef Volleyball with Talent

Bocce Ball

It’s a breeze to learn and all ages and skill levels can play. It’s a lot like shuffleboard, and all you need is a flat surface and an understanding of the game. It’s the only sport we know in which “kiss” and “sudden death” are among the common terms.

Bocce Ball in Sand

Cards, Poolside

This proximity gives new meaning to the term card shark, but in many families, it is a beach tradition. Popular games include:

  • Canasta
  • Crazy 8s
  • Go Fish
  • Play or Pay
  • Slapjack
  • Solitaire
  • War

Let the winner pick the dinner menu or next activity.



It’s not just for college kids and drinking buddies, although they can play, too. Many of us played a version of this bean bag toss game when we were kids. You can find boards at many restaurants with outdoor seating, or pick up a set at a local shop.

Ocean Reef Cornhole


It’s lightweight, comfortable in the hand to toss and catch, and perfect for the beach. Go hardcore with a match of Ultimate Frisbee or just a casual catch between father and daughter. You’re likely to make new friends after an errant throw or two.

Frisbee on Beach

Marco Polo

This version of a water tag with a sight barrier has played out in pools worldwide. This game, circa 1960s, is named for an explorer of the 13th century who opened trade routes to Asia. FYI: You *can* go underwater after declaring “POLO!”

Kids Water Fun

Scavenger Hunt

They’re more than just a way to keep the kids occupied — they can build critical thinking skills. Not to mention, building strong bonds and special memories for families. Include things you hold (a shark’s tooth) and see (Coastal Carolina University gear.)

Shark Tooth

Ocean Reef Resort: A Fun Place to Stay

It’s not a stretch to say this might become your favorite resort, ever. Enjoy a good buffet breakfast, a clean room, and nice staff members to help when you need them. Check out the benefits you have with Brittain Rewards and book a stay today.

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