Topgolf Plans to Open Myrtle Beach Location

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Golfers will have an all-new reason to tee up a visit to the Myrtle Beach area soon. As if the area’s 80-plus golf courses along the Grand Strand’s 60-mile stretch of Atlantic Ocean coastline weren’t enough reason to plan a golf getaway here, famed sports entertainment venue Topgolf has broken ground on a much-anticipated new location across from Broadway at the Beach.

With plans calling for a facility consisting of three floors and 35,000-plus square feet of indoor space, the new Topgolf location will add to the chain’s list of nearly 40 locations nationwide, with more than a dozen more in the works. Providing a fun destination for golf enthusiasts of all experience levels and even for complete rookies, Topgolf allows players to hit microchipped golf balls at giant, dartboard-like targets spread across an outdoor playing field — all from the comfort of their group’s own climate-controlled playing “bays” (think along the lines of bowling lanes for golf). Rounding out the unique driving range-meets-nightclub experience are a chef-driven food menu, a full bar menu, food and drink service from a “bayhost,” big-screen TVs showing sporting events, and a festive music selection that lends to a party atmosphere.

The Topgolf franchise has become a hit with its range of “everyone’s game” offerings that includes:

TopGolf: The franchise’s signature game, TopGolf sees players score points by hitting their microchipped balls as close as possible to any of the targets in the playing field. The points awarded go up with added accuracy and distance.

TopBreak: Based on the billiards game snooker, this game requires that players initially hit a red target, followed by targets of any color they choose. Higher point values are awarded for the harder-to-reach colors on the playing field.

TopChip: This short-game-focused competition sees players aim for the red, yellow and green targets in a prescribed sequence. Points are awarded when the called-for target is hit, but they’re deducted when players hit the wrong target.

TopShot: This game requires players to hit targets at four consecutive distances, with the opening target color chosen determining the game’s level of difficulty.

TopPressure: Players are challenged to hit nine different sections within the yellow target, with point values multiplied as subsequent sections are closed out. When players hit the same section twice, though, points are deducted.

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