Take the Quiz: Which Season in Myrtle Beach is Best for You?

Winter, spring, summer, and fall — they’re all great times to visit Myrtle Beach. But sometimes there are better months for certain people. Some shy away from cold months on the shore. Others don’t care much for the hot weather. Whichever season you choose, there are lots to do in Myrtle Beach, anytime.

Take this quiz to find out which season fits you best in Myrtle Beach.

Often, whatever season is right now is the best time to hit the Grand Strand! There are so many attractions, restaurants, golf courses, and more that draw us back — again and again, year after year, for generations — to Myrtle Beach.

Which Season in Myrtle Beach Fits You Best?

Question 1

Which statement fits you best?

A) I love having stretches of beach all to myself

B) When the weather warms even a little, I get out my golf clubs

C) I can’t wait to go to a Myrtle Beach Pelicans baseball game

D) A heated pool at my resort sounds awesome

Question 2

When you have a meal in Myrtle Beach, which would you prefer?

A) Something hearty, such as Eggplant Parmigiana from Villa Romana Italian Restaurant

B) Something light, such as Grilled Miso Glazed Scottish Salmon at Aspen Grille

C) Anything on a patio, such as Boom Boom Shrimp Tacos at Bummz Beach Cafe

D) Something savory, such as Salmon on the Reef at The Library

Question 3

If I choose to order a drink in Myrtle Beach, more likely than not it is …

A) A Fire Extinguisher (Fireball cinnamon whisky and St. Brendan’s Irish Cream) from The Bowery

B) A Lemon Drop Margarita from Landshark Bar & Grill

C) An Everything Under the Sun (vodka, rum, gin, tequila, pineapple juice, and a whole can of Tropical Red Bull) on the rooftop at Riptydz

D) A From Another Time Boilermaker (Sierra Nevada Otra Vez and Olmeca Altos Plata) from Strong Waters Craft Cocktails and Kitchen

Question 4

At the beach, my favorite thing to wear is …

A) Hoodie and knit cap

B) Sun hat (or ball cap) and golf shirt

C) Bathing suit, hat, glasses (flip-flops optional)

D) T-shirt by day, sweatshirt by night

Question 5

The absolute best place to visit in Myrtle Beach is …

A) Hollywood Wax Museum, to kick it with Elvis and Michael Jackson

B) Broadway Grand Prix, to get some laps in and play some games

C) SkyWheel Myrtle Beach, and plenty of time with my toes in the sand

D) Ripley’s Aquarium and Ripley’s Believe It or Not, to see the penguins and the marvelous mirror maze

Coastline of Myrtle Beach with Skywheel

Question 6

One thing I haven’t done in Myrtle Beach that I’d like to do is …

A) Brookgreen Gardens, for Night of a Thousand Candles

B) Broadway at the Beach, for some retail therapy, or Myrtlewood Golf Club, to knock a little rust off on the links

C) Downwind Sails, to take a banana boat ride

D) Myrtle Beach State Park, to hike a trail and bird-watch

The Results

If you answered mostly A:

You’re a Myrtle Beach winter warrior! Cold temps don’t bother you. Bundling up at the beach is all that.

If you answered mostly B:

You’re a Grand Strand spring superstar! Even before the flip-flops and shorts come out of storage, you’re dreaming of hitting the links or the outlet shopping at the beach.

If you answered mostly C:

You’re a Myrtle Beach summer jammer! You’re ready for live music, jet skis, cold brews, tan lines, making new friends, and visiting all the hot spots during the hottest time of year.

If you answered mostly D:

You’re a Grand Strand fall fan! You’re down for Ocktoberfest, needing a sweater in the evening, brisk hikes at one of the state parks, and warm drinks in the evening.


Note: This quiz is not scientific. We suggest you visit Myrtle Beach in each of the four seasons to see for yourself where your allegiance lies!

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